We're Your Partner in Your Success

Who we are

Thoughtfulviewfinder Services, is a Pune based Web Solutions provider specializing in custom software development & web application development. Started in 2012, we have built over 100+ websites & developed over 50+ custom applications. We love challenges & finding solutions for them. We primarily work in FOSS (Free Open Source Software) & ensure that the
any new code we develop is shared with the community.


We believe in following all legal processes & use all licensed products in our setup. Our entire team uses top of the line Apple Mac-Mini products for developing our products & solutions. We also hold licenses for our designer’s PC including Windows 10, Adobe Photoshop CC, Corel Draw x7 & other allied softwares.
This allows us to give the best of services & assure quality in the work we do.


We have been using Asana as an internal & customer facing management tool for our projects. Asana allows our team as well as our customers to interact. Task lists can be created, allotted to customers / team members, updates added, files uploaded, etc. It also removes the dependence on email conversations & keeping track of pending tasks.

BitBucket / Github (Git repository)

One of the most important tools that we use for Version Control. Developing a site, it needs to be flexible and always have multiple copies. Git is a open source version control system that allows my team to simultaneously work on the product. This can only be used when we have our own Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server.

Internet & Power uptime

We have an agreement with You Broadband to allow us to have 99% internet uptime. Our internet is seldom unavailable & we can thus guarantee product delivery timelines. We also have a 4 hour power-back for our office allowing us to have a decent uptime in case of power failure.

Authorized Google Reseller

Google has a partner program that allows organization to resale their services to customers. With stringent background checks & various qualification criteria, it is a premier program. We are proud to have qualified for this program since the past 2 years & are official Google Resellers in Pune . (please check link for our official listing on Google)